Oregon Wood Construction Homes

Western Oregon Home Builders has a long history and experience with traditional wood framing homes. This process still includes a concrete slab or a perimeter concrete footing (a concrete wall one to two feel tall) which from that point upwards the home walls are constructed of douglas fir 2x6 wood. You can browse through your local Home Depot and Lowes to view this wood. Most all floors are made of engineered wood I-beams. Most all roofs are made of 2x4 or 2x6 engineered trusses. You will not see floor I-beams or trusses at Home Depot/Lowes.

Green Technology Oregon Home Builder

Types of roofs "wood trusses" for new construction homes

Types of new construction home wood trusses

Typical engineered wood floor joist, with subfloor showing

Typical engineered wood floor joists

Traditional Concrete Footing - Wood Framed Wall is Built On

Oregon New Home Traditional Concrete Footing which Wood Framed Wall is Built On

Typical Engineered Floor Joists Before Subfloor is Installed

Oregon New Home Engineered Wood Floor Joists Before SubfLoor Installed

Traditional Wood Framed Wall for Residential New Home

Typical Traditional Wood Framed Wall for Residential New Home Construction in Oregon